IF you come across this page it is in progress of being written as of 3/19/2021. Please ignore and check out the rest of our site. Come join us on 3/26/2021

Kynto URL https://bit.ly/3ruP2UT

We are happy to announce Kratom Watchdog’s new kratom avatar chat KYNTO! To celebrate we are going to be running a giveaway on  04/01/2021 5pm est. – 8pm est. We are partnering with 6 other vendors to increase your odds of winning. We thought a fun way to celebrate the launch of Kynto by having a Easter egg hunt.  We will also play musical chairs, quiz games, raffles, tag, and much more. Click here to see the official competition page!

Welcome to the Kynto Easter Egg Competition!

Kynto Easter Egg Hunt

Kynto Easter Egg Hunt


Room Information

Room Name: The Villages
Room Owner: Guywithtrees


We thought a fun way to celebrate the launch of Kynto is by having a Easter egg hunt. Our team has hidden eggs all over the different room’s. Your goal is to be the one with the most eggs at the end.  We will also play musical chairs, quiz games, raffles, tag, and much more.

Entering our competition couldn’t be easier!




Easter Egg Hunt!!! Photo caption contest, math games, musical chairs, quiz, number games, tag , and much much more!


Fresh Kratom  Leaf , American Kratom Seed Pod, Powder, in world furniture, badges, and coupon codes. Everybody will have an equal chance to win! Everyone who enters will also receive a profile badge for their efforts!




Captain Jacks Botanical 

Leaf of Life
BKB Herbal

Bookoo Organics
Mass Herbal Market

  • One entry per person, no multiple users of other accounts – This will be checked.
  • Telling/spamming others the answers in the room will result in disqualification.

Competition Time: 04/04/2021 & 04/05/2021 at 6pm est. – 8pm est.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook. In the event of a tie we will pick a number from “1-100” who ever guesses closest will win.

How to win?
1: On 4/1/2021 at 6:00pm Go on kynto and join the villages room.
2: Listen to instructions from the Room owner Guywithtrees or Will.




In game furni or badge








Fresh leaf, seed pods

Buy Maeng Da Thai Kratom leaf wholesale

Hand made Kratom Jewelry

The Good Witch of the East Coast





3 sample packs

KWD http://bit.ly/2SAS6jx
Affiliate Link https://bit.ly/3bKe0GT


5 50g bags as prize.
Affiliate https://crispkratom.com/?ref=1


Nothing yet.
Website http://bit.ly/2P4wOLv


Some 10g sample packs
Website http://bit.ly/3r39LOv