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Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method


Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method

Take your cutting and place it inside of a 1 gallon jug of rain or pond water. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap.
For more information on unrooted kratom cuttings. Check out our WIKI guide.

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method


Typically takes up to around 3 weeks for the cuttings to begin to root.


Add 1 gallon of rain or pond water to your gallon jug. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap. There are chemicals that will kill the plants. Check your water levels once a week. Replace any water that has evaporated from the jug.


You can add as many cuttings to the gallon jug that will hold at the top. However we recommend only a few per gallon. As this will make it easier to inspect and remove your cuttings without damaging any roots on the other cuttings. Roots are quite fragile and will come off easily. If your cuttings do not touch the bottom on the gallon that is fine. You only need 1/3 of the cutting to be above water. Anywhere that the water touches, roots will develop over time.

Lighting Options

Artificial lighting methods allow for quicker rooting. However a South facing window will suffice.


Once your cuttings establish roots, you will want to move them to a 3inch pot. Plant the entire pod and rootball in the new pot (potting soil works best). Here are some videos to help you.


Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

While examining your cutting you will notice that anywhere the water is touching. Any wooded growth will turn into green new growth. After a while in the water it will develop white little bumps. These are roots. They will turn into little white worms. We recommend letting the roots gain a bit of length before placing them in soil.

Note from the grower

Your unrooted cuttings have already been cut back to the freshest node, and covered in rooting hormone.

While in the water jug. The leaf on the cuttings will look droopy. This is normal. This is due the water evaporating.

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey

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Bees on Kratom Honey Comb

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey. – Kratom honey report

This is a testimonial about kratom honey.

“Yeah this is a great experience so far. I’m testing the legs and the REPEAT use will be very telling. It’s hard not to just ORDER MORE NOW. LOL You gotta try this

I already have one more batch of honey on The expensive honey is not necessary tho. I’m amazed at how well the leaves held up. I expected to find a bag of GOO resembling an ecoli party! I’ll keep you posted as the experiment continues. I already think this stuff will make a great gift IF I can think of how to get the honey lined up to arrive about the same time. But I have only had an hour or so to think on it. More later! 👍

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.Left is while I’m still digging out one more leaf. The stems are not ALWAYS cooperative, but I was able to separate the leaves enough to keep the measurement of 3 leaves (various sized). Right photo is while I’m chewing the last leaf. While the edges of the leaves look brown/dead on some, they arrived that way! Finally upon closing the bag, I squeeze out the air very easily. Like how a clear screen cover on a phone. The bubbles are minimal and you just squeeze them out easily while zipping it back up. Swallowing almost complete at 3:40PM Pacific time. Keeping in mind that I JUST ATE, I already notice clarity as I’m typing. The leaves still taste nasty, but the chewing process is MUCH EASIER than regular live kratom leaves. I ate all veins except the middle stem, from halfway up the leaf up. Everything else is fully consumed in short order. I’m still chewing the last bits at 3:44PM! Not bad!

Here’s a better photo of the closed bag. The brown edges are part brown leaf edge but also honey. Thr shiny stuff is just reflection. This takes quite a lot of honey. So it’s not necessarily practical for shipping. Except it’s necessary! The honey is a brilliant way to make the chewing continue without a hitch. I think I used 12 oz of honey, maybe more. I am giggling about all of this but I do think more experimenting under different circumstances will be helpful. The good news is, I don’t need you to send more! I’ve got a LOT of leaf left to continue various tests!

I recommend turning the bag every day a couple of times if possible to keep the honey touching everything evenly, but it may not be necessary

Swallowing complete 3:51 PM Pacific Time

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey

How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.

It’s no more messy on the teeth than a couple of teaspoons of dry leaf.


Couple of days later


How to store Fresh Kratom Leaf in Honey.

Kratom And God – Angles born from Kratom Seed

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Buy Red Vein Vietnam Kratom seed pods whole sale

Kratom And God – Angles born from Kratom Seed

Kratom and God – Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God would never discourage me. He would always point me to himself to trust him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God, bitterness, unforgiveness, all of these are attacks from Satan.

The Bible tells us that God will meet all our needs. He feeds the birds of the air and clothes the grass with the splendor of lilies. How much more, then, will He care for us, who are made in His image? Our only concern is to obey the heavenly Father and leave the consequences to Him.

Kratom And God - Angles born from Kratom Seed -

1. God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive.

2. God doesn’t give you what you want… He creates the opportunity for us to do so.

3. God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble, therefore we will not fear.

4. He who says I’m alone… had never listened to God who is always with him.

5. Don’t forget to pray today, because God didn’t forget to wake you up this morning.

6. God can turn water into wine, but he can’t turn your whining into anything.

7. God, as Truth, has been for me a treasure beyond price. May He be so to every one of us.

8. God is always with you… You just need to pay attention.

9. Don’t tell your God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is.

10. You may feel lost and alone, but God knows exactly where you are, and He has a good plan for your life.

May you have a blessed day. Find peace and serenity. You can try fresh kratom leaf from trees grown in the United States. 


God Kratom Seed Pod at the Gates of Heaven

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american flag with kratom

God Kratom Seed Pod at the Gates of Heaven

God Kratom Seed Pod at the Gates of Heaven

God Kratom Seed Pod at the Gates of Heaven

Favorite Gates Of Heaven Quotes Part 1

1. “The Gates of Heaven and the Gates of Hell are the same gates. It just depends which side you’re standing on when you walk through.”
Author: Amy Lignor
2. “Welcome to the gates of heaven Adelia, and what did you do with your life? My Lord, I was a bishop’s whore.”
Author: Ariana Franklin
3. “There’s your dog, and your dog’s dead. But there has to be something that made it move. Isn’t there?” Old woman in “Gates of Heaven,” documentary by Errol Morris.”
Author: Errol Morris
4. “A Quote from Monty’s journal in God Must Be Weeping, “I, too, wished to climb the ladder of life and reach the stars spangling by the gates of the Milky Way, where the wondrous mysteries of Heaven unfurled.”
Author: J.D. Winston
5. “The potency of prayer hath subdued the strength of fire; it hath bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest, extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled demons, burst the chains of death, expanded the gates of heaven, assuaged diseases, repelled frauds, rescued cities from destruction, stayed the sun in its course, and arrested the progress of the thunderbolt.”
Author: John Chrysostom
6. “Islam and Christianity promise eternal paradise to the faithful. And that is a powerful opiate, certainly, the hope of a better life to come. But there’s a Sufi story that challenges the notion that people believe only because they need an opiate. Rabe’a al-Adiwiyah, a great woman saint of Sufism, was seem running through the streets of her hometown, Basra, carrying a torch in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. When someone asked her what she was doing, she answered, ‘I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven of fear of hell, but because He is God.”
Author: John Green
7. “Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.”
Author: John Lubbock
8. “Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.”
Author: John Wesley
9. “People are jostling at the gates of heaven or Department stores Words are bumping into each other(“Poem”)”
Author: Raymond Radiguet
10. “To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell. And so it is with science.”
Author: Richard P. Feynman
11. “And there I stood enchanted..staring as the gates of heaven unlocked right in front of me..somewhere between the three worlds – the earth, the sea and the sky..’I’ have waited a lifetime for this..and when the moment is finally here ‘I’ is fading..what matters more than ‘I’ are these waves tingling the feet..the breeze soothing the face..and this exhilarating sight which awakens my soul and soon to become a precious memory…how can one ever put into finite words the wonders of this infinite universe!”
Author: Sakshi Choubey
12. “He imagined the scene at the gates of heaven to be not unlike that at the finish line of a long and grueling marathon: everyone high-fiving, hugging, collapsing, elated that it’s over, yes, it’s finally over, pouring cups of water over one another’s heads and saying, Holy shit, dude, that was fucking brutal. I am never doing that again.”
Author: Shalom Auslander

Ripping kratom roots out of the ground from a 5 year old kratom tree to bring it back to the nursery

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Ripping kratom roots out of the ground from a 5 year old kratom tree to bring it back to the nursery

This tree was about 5 years old. It was a donation to our kratom nursery. It survived for a full year at the nursery before a drought unfortunately killed it. To get it into the car it took 3 grown men to lift it. It was a bit of a interesting pick up as the local police and helicopters were out looking for someone in our area. We got some really funny looks loading it into the car but no one bothered us.

Kratom Watchdog:

Ripping kratom roots out of the ground

Ripping kratom roots out of the ground

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Natural Herb Kratom May Have Therapeutic Effects And Relatively Low Potential For Abuse Or Harm, According To A User Survey


Natural Herb Kratom May Have Therapeutic Effects And Relatively Low Potential For Abuse Or Harm, According To A User Survey

Natural Herb Kratom May Have Therapeutic Effects And Relatively Low Potential For Abuse Or Harm, According To A User Survey

Survery of Adult Kratom Users in the U.S. from Johns Hopkins


Using results of a survey of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement kratom, sold online and in smoke shops around the U.S., Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers conclude that the psychoactive compound somewhat similar to opioids likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids for treating pain, anxiety, depression and addiction.

In a report on the findings, published in the Feb. 3 issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, the researchers caution that while self-reporting surveys aren’t always entirely reliable, they confirmed that kratom is not regulated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and that scientific studies have not been done to formally establish safety and benefits. They say that U.S. drug agencies should seek to study and regulate rather than ban kratom sales outright because of its seemingly safe therapeutic potential, and as a possible alternative to opioid use.

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a consumer advocacy group, estimates that 10-16 million people in the U.S. regularly use kratom by either eating its ground leaves in food or brewing them in tea. Kratom is a tropical plant related to coffee trees, and grown mainly in Southeast Asia. It contains a chemical called mitragynine, an alkaloid that acts on the brain opiate receptors and alters mood. In Asia, where use has long been widespread, people use it in small doses as an energy and mood booster, similar to coffee use in the West. They use larger amounts for pain, or recreationally like beer and wine.


Kratom products are unregulated and nonstandardized, and reports — although sparse — have linked its use to hallucinations, seizures and liver damage, when combined with alcohol or other drugs. In 2016, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) proposed banning commercial sale and use, and the FDA has advised categorizing it as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no proven medical application and has a high risk of abuse. These agencies were met with public and supplement industry pushback, and no action was taken. A salmonella contamination outbreak in 2018 among users increased concerns.

However, says Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D., instructor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the new survey findings “suggest that kratom doesn’t belong in the category of a Schedule I drug, because there seems to be relatively low rate of abuse potential, and there may be medical applications to explore, including as a possible treatment for pain and opioid use disorder.”

“There has been a bit of fearmongering,” he adds, “because kratom is opioidlike, and because of the toll of our current opioid epidemic.”

A 2015 study in Thailand that reported that people in Asia have been using kratom successfully to treat opioid addiction for decades renewed interest among researchers in the U.S.

For the current survey, Garcia-Romeu says, he and his team enrolled 2,798 people to complete an online survey on their use of kratom. They recruited participants online and through social media, as well as through the AKA. Overall, users were mostly white, educated and middle-aged. Some 61% of users were women, and 90% were white. About 6% reported being multiracial, 1.5% reported being Native American or Hawaiian, 0.5% reported being Asian and 0.4% said they were African American. Participants were an average age of 40. About 84% of participants reported having at least some college education.

Of these participants, 91% reported taking kratom to alleviate pain on average a couple times a day for back, shoulder and knee pain, 67% for anxiety and 65% for depression. About 41% of survey responders said they took kratom to treat opioid withdrawal, and of those people who took it for opioid withdrawal, 35% reported going more than a year without taking prescription opioids or heroin.

As part of the survey, participants completed a Substance Use Disorder Symptom checklist to assess whether their use qualified as a substance use disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition guidelines. Fewer than 3% of responses met the criteria for moderate or severe substance use disorder for abusing kratom, but about 13% met some criteria for kratom-related substance use disorder. This is comparable to about 8%–12% of people prescribed opioid medications who became dependent, according to statistics from the U.S. National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA).

“Both prescription and illicit opioids carry the risk of lethal overdose as evidenced by the more than 47,000 opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2017,” says Garcia-Romeu. “Notably there’s been fewer than 100 kratom-related deaths reported in a comparable period, and most of these involved mixing with other drugs or in combination with preexisting health conditions.”

A third of the survey participants reported having mild unpleasant side effects from kratom, such as constipation, upset stomach or lethargy, which mostly resolved within a day. Only 1.9% reported that side effects were severe enough for them to seek medical treatment, such as feeling withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, depression or insomnia when the kratom wore off. Fewer than 10% of participants reported notable kratom-related withdrawal symptoms.

“Although our findings show kratom to be relatively safe according to these self-reports, unregulated medicinal supplements raise concerns with respect to contamination or higher doses of the active chemicals, which could increase negative side effects and harmful responses,” says Garcia-Romeu. “This is why we advocate for the FDA to regulate kratom, which would require testing for impurities and maintaining safe levels of the active chemicals. Otherwise, unregulated products run the risk of unsafe additives and dosing problems, which could be like getting a shot of grain alcohol when you were trying to order a beer.”

Garcia-Romeu adds that data is scant on whether one can overdose on kratom alone, or how it interacts with alcohol or other drugs. The researchers also say rigorous clinical research needs to be done to test kratom for its potential therapeutic benefits, for behavioral intoxication effects and adverse side effects to further help inform government policy and regulation. They also suggest that people err on the side of caution and not mix kratom with any other drugs or medications, and to always talk with their health care provider before taking any supplement.

Aside from Garcia-Romeu, authors on the study include David Cox, Kelly Dunn and Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins and Kirsten Smith of NIDA.

Support for this study was provided in part by grants from NIDA (R01DA003889 and R01DA035246).

Look at this little cutie catching some rest under a mature American Kratom Tree

Look at this little cutie catching some rest under a mature American Kratom Tree

Look at this little cutie catching some rest under a mature American Kratom Tree

Kratom Watchdog:


Kratom the Tree:

12 Days of Kratom Christmas Sale! American Kratom


12 Days of Kratom Christmas Sale!

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12 Days of Kratom Christmas Sale!

12 Days of Kratom Christmas Sale!


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